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Jennie Taylor

“Great service—and very thorough. Kristy knows the ins and outs of everything tax related. We are able to trust her completely to mark sure everything is filed properly—and to ensure that we are paying what we have to in taxes—and nothing extra. She can handle the complications of my husband’s military pay, small business expenses, occasional contract work, and our retirement investments without any problems. We highly recommend Kristy Pack and the Pack Tax team.”

Lindsay -Ken Ashworth

“Kristy is amazing at what she does! She is not only very friendly, upbeat, and personable, but she knows her business. We have had our taxes done by many different places and people over the last decade and they are all the same. Tax robots if you will. Kristy is the exception! Every customer has their own name and their own situations, and that’s exactly how she treats it. You’ll get the best tax service you’ve ever had and leave with no unanswered questions, no feeling of doom or being cheated, or second guessing your agent. We will never use anyone or anywhere else but Pack Tax! Thanks again Kristy!”

Jaycee Chournos

“My husband and I went to Pack Tax for our taxes and they were AWESOME! My husband is self employed so we didn’t know how taxes would work with his tax write offs and everything but they sure did and it seriously was stress free for us! We are so grateful for Pack Tax and will be going to them every year.”

Kim Sullivan

“Kristy is awesome! She’s quick, but very thorough. She asked questions that I didn’t think about, to help us deduct as much as possible. I would definitely recommend her.”

Brianne Taggart

“Pack tax is a great place to go for all your tax questions. We were unsure about what would happen with our taxes on our rental property until Kristy walked us through the numbers. She’s smart and reliable for all your tax needs!”

Zack Oates

“Kristy has done my 501c3 tax returns for years flawlessly. I would trust her with any of my accounting needs. Highly recommend!”

Camilla Meeks

“We have used Pack Tax for the last several years and feel so confident in their knowledge, professionalism, nand competence. My husband started a small business several years ago and didn't feel comfortable doing our own taxes with all the ins and outs of tax laws he was unfamiliar with. Pack Tax knew how to handle that alongside our personal taxes. It feels good to know our taxes are done right and that we've received the biggest refund we deserve each year. They are quick and thorough and we will gladly continue to give them our business.”

Julie Hogge

“One of the most stressful things in life is doing your own taxes. Did I do it right? Am I ok? Is the IRS going to come after me? These are thoughts I had all the time before Kristy started preparing my return 9 years ago. Since then I haven’t had a worried thought. She is thorough, professional, and stands by her work. Not to mention she’s amazingly fast! Everyone should go to her and have the peace of mind that your taxes were prepared correctly. I plan to have my taxes prepared at Pack Tax for the rest of my life! You can’t beat the professional work, the friendly atmosphere, and the great deal they have.”

Matthew Wright

“Pack Tax always provides us with timely and thorough returns. The staff is always friendly and very responsive. Highly recommend!”

Kate Wecker

“Kristy was an absolute godsend. She sorted through all my business and travel receipts to get me all the deductions I totally would have missed if I'd been left to my own devices. She patiently filed all my scattered and various state taxes. (One year, I think she filed for me in 20 different states. Tour life is awesome. Tour taxes - not so much.) She's friendly and accommodating. There's nothing better than the feeling of handing over an annual headache to someone who you trust completely who actually seems to enjoy handling your mess. I'm a Pack Tax Lifer!!”

Amie Webb

“I am a small business owner, Kristy helped me incorporate my business. Kristy is very helpful and knowledgeable, is always willing to answer any questions and offers solid tax advice.”

Tamara Struk

“Pack Tax has helped me for the past several years and they have been incredibly professional, thorough, and have made sure to resolve each of my questions in a timely manner.”

Shauna Johnson

“Kristy is knowledgeable and efficient. She was able to advise us on the upcoming year and where we needed to be with our withholdings.
I feel totally confident with her advice. We will certainly be back and i will tell everyone i know to go see her too.”

Chad Wagstaff

“Kristy is amazing! I am a Realtor and have sent several of my clients to her for tax advice on rentals and income properties. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional, detail oriented and friendly. I trust her 100%!”

Joel Reichert

“We had Pack Tax help us get up and running with our business and other accounting needs. She has been great to work with and we would highly recommend them to anyone looking for help with their personal or business tax and accounting needs.”

Nat Harward

“Somehow, Kristy seems to know everything immediately and takes what seems complicated to me turn out to be very simple. I have no idea if it's as effortless for her as it seems it is ... but that's the experience I want, and knowing she's done thousands of returns across years of service, I trust her knowledge and judgment. Easy! Uncomplicated! Highly recommended.”

Mike Ashworth

“The pack tax team has prepared my taxes for years. Being self employed can be complicated but Kristy has made everything so simple for me that I would not dream of going anywhere else for an accountant.
I've recommended pack tax to multiple colleges in northern Utah and they've told me it was worth the drive from ogden and in one case the flight from California to have there taxes done correctly. I'm so happy they are opening up a office in north ogden.”

Soon-Young Campbell

“Wonderful job; I am very happy with their kindness, quick, and care job for my tax file.”



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