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Download these important forms to aid in the preparation of your taxes with Pack Tax. These are fillable PDF forms, meaning that with the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can fill out these forms, save them, and email them to Pack Tax. This will make the task of completing your taxes faster and more efficient.

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Business Owners Resources

Understanding Your Financial Numbers

As the owner of a small business ourselves, we understand the challenges that business owner's face each and every day. We created this video that will help you to understand some of your business financial numbers to help you guide your business forward. Of course, if you have specific questions that aren't answered here, we would love to be able to help you over the phone. 

Profit & Loss Statements

Understanding your business by the numbers is not only valuable to make decisions, but is critical when it comes to preparing your taxes. If you are a small business owner that needs a template to figure out your profit and loss, we have some examples you can download.

Important Tax Updates

Your taxes are too important to trust with just anyone and 2024 brings new challenges. You don't want to do your taxes alone or you might be paying more than you need to! That is why we want you to get to know who we are and why you can trust us with your tax preparation services this year.

What our clients are saying!

Kristy is engaging, personable and very well informed. She has led me through complex tax planning issues as well as preparing returns for an s-corp and personal taxes. Her advice and insight has been invaluable as I navigate the complexities of a growing business. I have been so relieved to have found someone who understands the specific issues and tax saving strategies related to small businesses. I have been very pleased with her insight and professionalism. Highly recommended!.
Corinn Sebaske
05:02 11 Dec 19
Kristy is amazing, fast and affordable. We had 3 years’ of back taxes for both personal and business and two businesses to shut down and she did the job in time for us to get approved for our house. We will be seeing her again for the upcoming years. I also loved that her business is tech savvy and that she is highly organized. She gets an A+ in my book.
Christina Black
18:49 10 Dec 19
Pack Tax is a great service, helped guide me through the complexity of taxes, where other services failed. Kristy is professional and really really efficient. Wonderful response and turnaround time. Really was a great relief to find this resource. Highly recommended!!!
Brent Y
00:28 14 Jan 20
Kristy was extremely professional and efficient while also providing service that was second to none. She took the time to listen to my concerns and provide great advice. I highly recommend using Pack Tax for your tax preparation needs.
michael anaya
19:48 10 Dec 19
We used Pack Tax for first time today for our federal and state taxes. We picked them for a couple of reasons. The promise of better rates over larger firms (H&R, more than half off) and the large number of happy customer reviews. Well, they completely lived up to their fantastic reputation. They were ready for us at our appointed time, had free drinks and snacks in waiting area (who does that anymore??), courteous and friendly greeting, professional and knowledgeable of all our taxes, professionally prepared and filled, copies provided, job completed quickly. Excellent instructions for state and federal payments. Awesome job. We will use next year for our taxes again.
Craig Stapp
19:21 12 Mar 20
Wow. We moved to Utah from New York In May and thought it was going to take a lot of time to figure out our taxes. Kristy was so fast, careful, and easy to visit with that we were shocked to find out we were in and done in about 30 minutes! We highly recommend Pack Tax to prepare and file your taxes. Well worth the money!
Horace Rappleye
21:40 14 Mar 20
Kristy was so knowledgeable and made sure that I understood everything that she was doing! She also Explained to me certain things about starting a new business and she was just really helpful and VERY VERY friendly! I would recommend Pack Tax to anyone! 🤗 Their prices are lower than anyone in the area and you receive a very wonderful and professional service! You won’t regret it!!!
Katelyn VanDerzee
19:21 27 Jan 20
Kristy is awesome! She sees tons of clients but still remembers me year after year. She makes each experience feel personalized and makes you feel like an old friend. She’s super good at what she does, so I’m literally in and out in 10 minutes with my max refund. She’s great! You won’t be disappointed!
Rob Fontenot
20:50 19 Feb 20
This was our second year in a row trusting Kristy with our taxes. She is fast, friendly, and knows what she’s doing. My wife and I are super impressed and its been so much faster and easier than fretting over it ourselves. My only regret is not writing this review a year ago. Thank you.
Chad Zaugg
20:43 12 Feb 20
Kristy was outstanding! I’ve been paying taxes, and she helped me to reduce the amount due compared if I’ve done it by myself. Also, She helped with tips on how to fix it next year to read a break even. She was super fast and efficient and I definitely recommend her!
Renato Luis dos Santos
22:03 21 Mar 20
Pack Tax is amazing along with being super friendly and helpful! I would highly recommend Kristy and her team to anyone. If you really want someone that knows their stuff and makes you feel valued go to Pack Tax.
Mark Burton
20:39 08 Jul 20
I have had a great experience with Pack Tax. They have helped us through interstate moves, new jobs, new businesses, rental properties. I trust them with the services they provide. They make it very easy for us to deal with all that.
Cristina Hooper
19:49 08 Oct 20
Kristy handled my taxes and it was such a great experience. She was more than kind and patient dealing with my situation, which was a bit tricky as I had lived overseas and recently moved back. I highly recommend!
Dan OMalley
19:13 08 Oct 20
In my experience Pack Tax is professional and accurate as well as warm and friendly. With the pandemic, they have been as careful with the medical requirements and cleanliness as they have with the financial ones.
May Hart
20:57 08 Oct 20
Great experience! It was very smooth process. Definitely will go back.
Luke Thomas
18:55 08 Oct 20
When doing my taxes with turbo tax it said I owed thousands of dollars. Kristy was able to find and fix the mistake turbo tax wouldn’t allow me to fix and ended up with a refund. She was amazing!!!
Rose Ludlow
15:44 08 Oct 20
Pack tax is awesome. They are very timely, knowledgeable, friendly and a great value. With Covid 19 stuff going on we were able to finish it all virtually. She handled my atipical circumstance very well and I felt confident she was helping me to do what was best for my particular situation. Highly recommend!
Marie Kemp
19:55 08 Oct 20
Kristy and her team provide high quality service at a great price! We love going to Pack Tax!
Dan Pyle
18:41 08 Oct 20
Last year was our first year with Pack Tax and we will stay with them forever. The cost is right on mark, they are responsive to questions, and fast! We high recommend this service.
Christina Millard
16:25 15 Oct 20
Highly recommend this business. Kristy is very knowledgeable, friendly and quick. She sets up what she needs from you before hand and its a really quick process, and accurate process. The value for services are in my opinion unbeatable and fair.
Isaac Del Hierro
19:44 15 Oct 20
Kristy does an absolutely amazing job! She took us right in and helped us understand our taxes so quickly and professionally, I walked out knowing who it is I would call next tax season. Thank you so much for your help!
Jaden Brown
14:39 18 Oct 20
I have been using Pack Taxes for a few years now. I always did my own taxes but having a rental property in another state made them more complicated. Pack Taxes does an ETA excellent job at a good cost.
Jo Hoffman-Ferenchak
20:03 15 Oct 20
Kristy has made my life so much easier as a freelance designer. I save so much on my taxes and her advise has been invaluable.
Melissa Collins
18:37 07 Jan 21
It’s so nice to work with a group of professionals who enjoy what they do and do it well.
00:28 27 Jan 21
Kristy and her team are great to work with. Offer quick, professional services, and are great teachers. We highly recommend them to anyone looking to get their taxes done right the first time.
Nick Taylor
22:50 28 Jan 21
went here last year and was very happy so went back. Also learned in simple english about medicare which was nice as everyone else just confused me.
Richard Waldorf
22:47 29 Jan 21
Best accounting company in the state! So organized and professional. But yet personable!
Birgit Snelling
00:47 30 Jan 21
Kennedy did a great job and attended to our every need. Professional, easy and quick.
Scott Swenson
00:29 30 Jan 21
This will be our 3rd year going here. She is AMAZING! Quick, knowledgeable, willing to go through all of the available options with you. She helped me get almost $2000 more than TurboTax. All around great.
Colette Henderson
02:08 30 Jan 21
I met with Matt to process my initial intake. Then Christy joined a few minutes later to verify that all the information was correct. Both were very professional, highly informed, and answered my questions. Thanks Pack Tax!
Steven Petroff
23:16 01 Feb 21
Working with Kristy and her team was a great experience. Taxes usually make me cringe but Kristy led the way with clear, concise, and complete responses to my questions. Plus, she was thorough and prompt at the same time. I thought I was going to sitting there for several hours, bored out of my mind. Thank you for a great experience!
Dean Parks
23:41 01 Feb 21
This is the 2nd year we have used Pack Tax and I feel like the past 2 tax seasons went the best they ever have.Kristi is knowledgeable, dedicated and efficient. If you need your taxes done, go to Pack Tax!Thanks Pack Tax Team
Jason Chambers
22:28 02 Feb 21
I won't go anywhere else for taxes. The team at Pack Tax is fabulous. So knowledgeable and quick. They are priced VERY fairly. We have never had issues with our taxes since coming here. Highly recommend!
Janaye Lakey
22:55 03 Feb 21
Kristy made doing taxes a breeze! I usually do my own through TurboTax, but this year we added a house, schooling, and a side business so I didn’t want to mess anything up. What would usually take me over an hour to do was done in less than 30 minutes! She even took the time to answer any of my questions and gave me some advice for this year. I definitely recommend Pack Tax and will be back!
Kyle Lindsey
03:51 04 Feb 21
We were dreading tax time this year. We didn't know what to expect with starting a new business. We thought we would owe the IRS a hefty sum. Kristy to the rescue!!! With her knowledge of all the strategic deductions, we walked out with a major return coming our way. Very welcoming and professional atmosphere. We couldn't be happier. So glad we found you. Thank you Pack Tax!
Kelli Adams
04:19 05 Feb 21
This is the 2nd year we used Pack Tax and they only seem to continue to amaze us each time we go there. Our tax situation became more complicated and our tax professional Matt was eager and very knowledgeable of all the functions to file our taxes. Also their pricing is very affordable! I had my 5 yr old son there and he loved the play area, treats and very nice staff. We are committed long term to Pack Tax and would recommend them to anyone!
Jake Davies
00:07 06 Feb 21
Pack Tax is a great value and I highly recommend them for all your tax needs. They are knowledgeable, pleasant, efficient, and reasonably priced. They helped us maximize our return, as well as get our college son his stimulus checks for 2020, which we did not think he qualified for. Thanks Pack Tax. You’ll be seeing me year after year!
Roberta Brassell
23:08 08 Feb 21
This is one of North Ogden‘s exceptional small businesses! If you have been trying to find a place to have your taxes prepared, you should make this your next stop. I know that they will do a quality, professional and timely job for you. Think of it this way would you instead stop somewhere and have your taxes done and then not be able to have any help or any kind of service for months after tax season, or would you instead use a business that’s going to be here you’re around and provide top-notch service for you if you have any tax-related questions throughout the year.
Robert Bolar
16:04 09 Feb 21
We have used Andrea Chambers Bell and Pack Tax to do our taxes for several years. Andrea and all of the tax preparers at Pack Tax are very through and professional while making you feel comfortable and welcome. The office staff is very responsive and helpful. Our taxes have always been done accurately and quickly. We appreciated that we were able to have a virtual appointment this year. They are willing to do whatever is comfortable for you.
Vickie McFarland
17:41 11 Feb 21
This tax company is outstanding. Very courteous. Kennedy wanted to sure I was NOT intimidated by taxes and all the rules. Kennedy is fast and extremely knowledgeable. I have a design business and combined income. She very clearly informed me of ways to benefit from small business and ways to improve. WELL WORTH THE COST!
Caroline Olsen
23:29 11 Feb 21
Pack Tax was great! I was really struggling this year because we bought a house, my husband sold stocks to pay for that and all that new info was adding a lot of stress for the tax season. I did some research and found a few groups that recommended them and decided to give it a shot. So glad I did. Highly recommend. Very quick and professional. In and out in 30 minutes and taxes were filed. I will definitely be back next year so I don't have to deal with the headache.
Aubri Chandler
23:33 17 Feb 21
Just finished my 2019 taxes with Kristi and it was extremely efficient - even going over two different options for this year! She even took the time to quickly review the upcoming tax year and advised me on withholding needs for 2020 now that I'm working hourly. Very happy with this service and I intend to use Pack Tax again next year.Update: I returned for the 20 tax year and holy cow it was double the complexity! But once again the Pack Tax team did a meticulous job with this year's returns!
Chris Enslow
06:41 25 Feb 21
I love having my taxes done with Pack Tax! I have had my taxes done here many years in a row, and no matter who does my taxes, I know I am in good hands. They are very reliable and knowledgeable. Getting my taxes done was very quick and convenient. They go out of their way to find you the best refund. I highly recommend them!!
Amber Welling
02:02 02 Mar 21
Matt with PACK TAX was so great to work with. He efficiently prepared my taxes and asked questions to make sure I was getting the best refund possible. He was very knowledgeable with current IRS tax credits and deductions. He was very kind and provided an exceptional experience. Pack Tax have competitive pricing and was a lot cheaper then the commercial Tax company I used in the past. I will definitely be scheduling an appointment with Pack Tax next year.
Kaisha Fischer
00:00 09 Mar 21
I have trusted Andrea to do my taxes for 3 years now. She is friendly and explains everything. I would recommend them to everyone. They charge you fairly based on what exact service you need. Hands down the best! I will not go anywhere else for my taxes.Went to Pack Tax again this year and again a wonderful experience. Andrea had me in and out within 20 minutes and I appreciated how she explains things but also catches up with me at the same time. Go here! You will not leave disappointed. I also really like that they charge a fair amount and do not sky rocket the price you pay for amazing service.
Starecha Nichols
23:53 08 Mar 21
My husband has been doing our taxes for several years. Last year, we had several different scenarios to try to determine the best way to file. This year, I talked him into going to Pack Tax. My favorite part is my spouse not worrying about our taxes. We came in and we were told the total numbers for each filling option in minutes. The service is fantastic. Kristy is amazing. All the tax preparers are so willing to help and answer questions. With all the tax changes, it is so nice to know Pack Tax will get it right. Thank you!
Trisha Taggart
01:56 20 Mar 21
I used Pack Tax for the first time this year. I opted to do a zoom call and I couldn’t have been more happy with the service I received! I will definitely be going back next year as the knowledge, price, and customer service were all top notch! I’m so happy I tried them out cause now I finally have a place I can go to get my taxes done and know I’ll be treated well and that my taxes will be done right the first time! I highly recommend you give them a try!
Aaron Tracy
22:06 20 Mar 21
I appreciated the reminder calls. I appreciated being able to attend my appointment and leave with my taxes filed. It was helpful to have the list of documents needed ahead of time allowing me to prepare. It was helpful to schedule consecutive appointments with family members as I am attempting to help grown children establish good financial habits and practices. I appreciated the flexibility when documents needed to be brought in later and the efficient help whenever your office was contacted. I feel confident in continuing to use Packs Tax. Thanks for your help! Steve Brown
Steve Brown
21:25 24 Mar 21
I have been very pleased with the services I have received through Andrea at Pack Tax. I have always been treated well, and my concerns and questions have always been of high priority. I appreciate the friendly atmosphere. Andrea is one whom I can trust, and she is very knowledgeable in her field. When it comes to taxes, it is essential that the tax preparer is focused and well equipped to properly advise clients with their concerns. Tax time is a stressful time and one that requires patience and understanding. I feel Andrea is a very sweet and qualified person with many qualities to share in the tax world. Keep up the good work!
Bonnie Brown
21:29 16 Apr 21
I absolutely recommend Pack Tax over any other tax place out there. The entire staff is professional and super nice. The office is welcoming and well organized, kid friendly and clean. They have everything set up online so that when you get there your in and out. I was there a total of 36 minutes and got back way more than I expected. Kristy knows her stuff! I will be back next year.
Amy Hachmeister
02:04 21 Mar 21
Taxes have been something that weigh on me almost year round. It seems like as soon as I file (late as usual) it is time to start prepping for the next year. I have had tax professionals in the past but have been treated as though I should already be caught up to speed. It wasn’t until I sat down with Matt Bell that things really became clear for the first time. He was patient, professional, and genuinely wanted to help me out. This year will be the first time in a long time that I file on time and feel confident about my return. I highly recommend Pack Tax and will return for years to come.
Andrew Bell
21:42 12 May 21
Kristy has been such a huge help for my business! I had no idea how to get my taxes right and kept getting charged from the IRS! She helped me learn all the right things to do and in a very simple and easy to understand way! I have saved so much money since starting with pack tax and saved myself a lot of stress! Cannot recommend enough!
Annie Mertlich
16:24 14 May 21
Christy was incredibly fast I couldn't believe that she was able to do our entire tax return in about 45 minutes. I have my own business I'm a self proprietor so it was easier than some businesses but I expected to drop everything off and come back another day but she did everything in 45 minutes. It was amazing! She was also able to give me some advice about my business.
22:11 14 Jun 21
I've had my personal and business taxes done with Pack Tax for three years now and I'm never disappointed. Kristy knows her stuff! My appointment was easy to prep for, started on time and Kristy made everything go smoothly. I highly recommend Pack Tax for both personal and small business taxes!
Jeff Ballif
21:59 12 May 21
Kristy is the best by far. Once she is able to collect all the forms and data she needs, she is able to get my taxes done very quickly. I really appreciate her timeliness and attention to detail. Highly recommend Pack Tax to anyone!
Clint Kelfer
17:38 29 Jul 21
I have been going to Pack Tax for three years now. Their team is great to work with and they are very professional and honest! It was hard for me to get into their office however, they made it convenient for me by allowing me upload my tax documents on their secure portal. When they were finished I was able to sign and pay remotely as well and then they filed them electronically for me. This service made it very convenient for me. I have to say working with them remotely they didn’t miss a beat. They were always very responsive to my calls or emails quickly! Pack Tax is also reasonably priced and lower than their competitors. I will definitely be using them on my future tax returns.
Jeanette Glazier
22:03 29 Jul 21
Kristy is so amazing. Her knowledge of tax law is unbeatable. She was able to give me advice when we were navigating approval for a construction loan so that we were able to make it happen. So grateful for her and her team!
Phoebe Moorhead
12:25 02 Aug 21
Everyone is so very kind and considerate. Kristy is sharp as a tack, and she has a heart of gold! She has my business for life!
Russell Jackman
19:25 29 Jul 21
I was late on filing my taxes this year due to ex issues.They went over and above to work on them at home and just have me in for a quick review because I was so stressed about the fees.Thanks for doing a top notch jobSo glad someone reccomended me to PACK TAX
Tiffany Christensen
19:45 29 Jul 21
Friendly, timely, informative, accurate. Finally found a good Tax Person to stick with. Such a load off of my shoulders. Highly recommend.
Joleen Pearce
07:09 13 May 21
Did my taxes was very professional answered all my questions. A great team I will use them again thank you ever so much Jessie
jessie chatman
19:19 29 Jul 21
They very easy going, but professional. I have my whole family going there
Teresa Powell
18:33 01 Nov 21
I love Pack Tax! I have been going there for 3years now and it’s always a great experience.
Adaley Checketts
00:11 25 Jan 22
We loved working with Kristy and will continue to go to her each year. She’s so helpful with helping us small business owners understand what we’re doing and how to make tax season less stressful! Highly recommend!
Jessica Knight
00:55 25 Jan 22
Don't waste your time shopping around. Call pack tax first! Their communication has been above and beyond compared to other companies. I will continue to use their services in the future, and would recommend them to all my family and friends!
Douglas Bowen
02:19 25 Jan 22
I have used Pack Tax these last few years and I can’t imagine going anywhere else. The entire team is extremely friendly and helpful. Kristy is the best of the best !! She is knowledgeable, efficient, and truly cares about her customers. She is is always happy to answer any questions you have and is very easy and fun to talk to. I highly recommend Pack Tax you will be in great hands there !!
Calista Barnes
22:55 25 Jan 22
Kennedy was very knowledgeable and friendly. We really enjoyed using her to do our taxes. Would use her again!
Baily Beckstrand
02:57 26 Jan 22
Pack tax has been awesome to work with. They have been quick to respond to by questions and to get me in when I've been in a rush. I've files my taxes with them for the last two years, and plan to keep working with them in the future.
Mike s
19:57 26 Jan 22
They were great to work with! I’ve been going to them for the last few years and each time has been a very pleasant and quick experience. I’d definitely recommend them!
Tysa Kemp
15:29 28 Jan 22
Matt with Pack Tax is phenomenal as well as Kristy and the rest of the Pack Tax Crew! They make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck! I would recommend them to anyone looking for tax preparation or anything related!!!! By far my favorite place for taxes!!!
L.R. Decker
23:10 31 Jan 22
Kristy is very thorough in preparation and educated on the latest tax laws. I feel safe and secure knowing that she’s taking care of my taxes. In fact, I fly In from California every year for her to file the taxes for my business. I trust her completely, I would recommend Pack Tax to anyone.2 years later….things are still awesome. Kristy had helped me grow my business, and put me in touch with a wealth management advisor. Thank you Pack Tax!!!
Brandon Hansen
23:57 31 Jan 22
Kristy was soo helpful and made this process very enjoyable and pleasant. Very friendly staff. will most definitely be back and I will recommend Pack Tax to friends and family..I have now been going to Pack Tax for 3 yrs now the Entire Staff is awesome they make it such a quick and easy going process. Prices are fair and Don't break your pockets. This year I had the pleasure of working with Matt he was nice and welcoming. I highly suggest Pack Tax to Everyone!
Latasha Whitaker
23:23 01 Feb 22
They are quick and efficient at what they do! They're also very welcoming and family friendly. We’ve used them for 4 years now and have been completely satisfied every time. Kristy is the best!! Thank you for making tax season so much easier!!
Meagan Budge
22:10 05 Feb 22
Working with Kristy and her team to get my taxes done was a great experience. What stands out to me the most is Kristy's ability to quickly educate before, during, and after tax filing. Her concise approach to communication made the concepts of tax preparation easy to understand. It's easy to see the good folks of Pack Tax care about their customers.
Michael Parks
18:44 06 Feb 22
This is our third year having our taxes done by Kristy. It is well worth the hour drive. She is so professional and can process them in 30 minutes or less. She is superb….detailed and exact and oh so friendly. We highly recommend her and gladly give her a five star review!!! She goes above and beyond!
Leigh-Ellen Kent
23:09 07 Feb 22
Pack Tax is by far my favorite place to get our taxes done! Who says they really like their accountant and staff? I can!! Kristy and her team are absolutely personable, thorough and FAST! Kristy is not just fast, she’s warp speed. I love the way she flies through her computer system and I can sit back and watch everything she inputs. Not that I understand all of it or anything. But I do know that her pricing is fantastic and she is sooo knowledgeable at her job. She catches little things and knows how to customize and compare ways to save her clients money. Thanks Pack Tax- I’m happy that we were referred to you 4 years ago! I’ll recommend everyone to go to your team for their taxes!
Michelle DeVries
03:59 11 Feb 22
March 2019We recently moved from Colorado to Utah after my retirement. I was looking for someone to prepare our taxes, I had promised my wife we would have someone do our taxes this year. We looked at two or three other options, but when we saw Pack Tax and read some of the reviews.We met with Kristy in late January, and we're both impressed by her professionalism and attention to detail. By the end of February we had provided all of our tax documentations to Pack Tax, and now have our Federal and two state returns are completed. Two thumbs up!!February 2020Another tax year, great job again.February 2022This is my fourth year using Pack Tax. This year we went in person and meet with Kennedy. She was great to work with and had our taxes done in 30 minutes. Still needed an itemized Federal return and two state return and only 30 minutes. I will definitely be back next year.Thanks Kennedy.
John & Maribeth Pearce
00:24 15 Feb 22
Kristy, and her team at Pack Tax helped me set up my corporation, and have completed numerous tax filings for me. I absolutely LOVE Kristy and everyone at Pack Tax! I have never seen tax preparers work the way they do, being quick without lacking accuracy and proficiency, and showing that they actually care about the people who are not only clients, but considered friends. No one likes taxes, but you’ll love Pack Tax! 🧡
Cheryl McIntyre
00:39 18 Feb 22
A neighbor referred us and this is our 3rd year getting our taxes done at Pack Tax. They are extremely professional, yet manage to make you feel comfortable and “at home” while you are there! They move fast, but still take time to answer questions and offer strategies for your next year. We were just there last night and we spent the drive home talking about how pleased we are with them and how we wouldn’t want to go anywhere else. We have tax places all around us but we drive 30 minutes out of our way just to go to them. I highly recommend Pack Tax!
C Moo
01:40 18 Feb 22
Pack Tax is the best place to go to get your taxes done. They are efficient, quick, and reasonably priced. The staff are friendly and get any issue or question you have resolved. This is my second year going there and they will be my go to tax expert’s for many years.
Okay Whoever
01:25 18 Feb 22
We had a great experience with Matt at Pack Tax. Very fast and professional. We had a few complications with this years return and all issues were quickly evaluated and resolved. Return was completed and filed in less than an hour. I highly recommend Pack Tax.Went back to Pack Tax again this year and had the same highly positive experience. Fast and efficient, knowledgeable and friendly. I will continue to use Pack Tax in the future and recommend you do also .
Janet bradley
23:15 02 Mar 22
Highly recommend this place! My wife and I went here for the first time to file our taxes. The atmosphere was excellent! The receptionists were very friendly and inviting, offered us snacks while we waiting which was only about 5 minutes. Our taxes were actually done by Matt. He was quick, answered all questions, got us a huge refund, and was familiar will all the tax laws and stuff going on from the stimulus payments. They earned my business and I will be back next year. Thanks Pack Tax!
Tyler Everton
19:45 19 Mar 22
Have lived out of state for the last 4 years and I still have them do our taxes. Professional, convenient, fast, accurate and a great value for the level of service we receive each year. The team at Pack Tax are rock stars!
Mike Murtha
19:31 20 Mar 22
It's comforting to leave our taxes in the hands of those who are knowledgeable and professional.Kristy and Kennedy are wonderful to work with - pleasant and patient.This year, we had a complicated tax year. Kennedy guided us through the details so we could understand.Thank you for your hard work! We appreciate it!!We will see you next year!
Michelle Gaudry
04:16 24 Mar 22
Fast? Check. Friendly? Check. Knowledgeable? Triple check! Kristy was amazing to work with. She was able to give me answers to tax questions I’ve had for over a decade and get me a return when I was worried I’d owe money. Seriously, she was amazing to work with, and I’ll definitely be back next year.
Bill Giles
19:53 26 Mar 22
No need to fear about tax season with Pack Tax! Absolutely great price and even better service! I can't believe how quick and easy it was! Thank you so much to everyone at Pack Tax! Definitely will be returning next year!
20:23 06 Apr 22
I was so impressed with all of the staff at Pack Tax! I'm self-employed and Tax time seems daunting to me. Matt helped me through the process with ease. His knowledge and professionalism was above all expectation. I'm so happy to have found these people and will be coming back in the years ahead.
13:55 26 Apr 22
We have been working with Pack Tax for the last 7 years and they have always been great to work with and willing to help! Even being out-of-state, their online system for uploading documents is simple and quick. No problems. No complaints. I will continue to work with them in the future both for personal and business taxes
Karen Swan Peterson
22:18 20 Apr 22
We LOVE Pack Tax! Kennedy was amazing to work with!! She was so organized and quick to answer questions we had. Our service was stellar and the price very reasonable. We will definitely be coming back!
Megan Owen
00:48 12 Apr 22
Knowledgeable,friendly and get the job done. In and out in a wink. They make you feel like you're part of their family and they really care. I love going there!,
Barbara Millard
00:19 08 Apr 22
Very personable and knowledgeable. You feel like you are cared about individually and not just a number. They give you good ideas on how to help to put yourself in a better situation for the next year.
Kenneth Maw
18:54 17 Mar 22
They are the best! They are very friendly and professional. They are very fast and transparent about what they did. The great price is unbeatable!
brian harris
23:23 12 Apr 22
Kristy Pack with Pack Tax was very thorough, efficient, & organized. I was very impressed with her knowledge & customer service. She is very kind & helpful. If you want to save money, get the best tax return possible, & have a worry free experience go to Pack Tax.
Philip Nestoryak
23:10 25 Feb 22
We’ve been going to Kristy for 3 years now and just love her! We had a previous tax guy that wouldn’t respond and just was not helpful for us. Kristy always responds in a timely manner on any questions and/or problems we may have, even out of tax season. We always drive to see her in person for tax time, we come from Taylorsville, and the drive is always worth it. She has a great personality, so easy going, and is so good at what she does. We highly recommend her to everyone we know!
Melissa Halverson
11:39 01 Mar 22
Scheduling online was so convenient for my work schedule, I was able to schedule when the time was convenient for me. They had a wide range of appointment times as well as days available.When I checked in the front office staff were very welcoming and friendly. There was no wait for my appointment. Everything was on time and they were ready and waiting for me.I worked with Kristi, she was amazing. She was very welcoming, kind, and friendly. She was very knowledgeable. She made filling my taxes a breeze.Thank you pack tax everyone was amazing 🤩
Kaisha Fischer
04:55 16 Mar 22
Kristy did a great job on my taxes. My taxes were done promptly, and when things were not clear, I was contacted quickly. She told me what I could do to have good deductions. My total bill was less than I paid previously. I was very impressed and will use that company agsin.
MaryElizabeth Anderson
16:05 15 Mar 22
Clean, organized, reminders of appointments,.drinks and snacks in the waiting room. Staff very friendly. Kristy was the most amazing, friendly, fast, knowledgeable, and made me feel like we were best friends. She listened and cared about all my tax needs. I'll always return!
Scott & Mel's Chicken Barn
00:24 18 Feb 22

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